About Me

I am a Fragrance Connoisseur, based in London UK, specialising in Arabian and Oriental fragrances and any fragrance that has the Oud note, will have me sniffing it! I work with with many clients who visit the UK from the Middle East, helping them choose and decide on various fragrance options available to them on the market, depending on their tastes and their personal fragrance profile, which I draw up for them during the personal one to one consultations I provide them.  The fragrance profile is all about your fragrance personality, or the fragrance personality of your spouse or partner or the person you are gifting fragrance for!  I have great connections with many of London fragrance lounges, and the fragrance lounges and brands in the Middle East, in places such as Dubai, UAE and Doha in Qatar.  I recommend and suggest fragrances, on an independent basis and I am not affiliated with any particular designer brand.  However, I am working on my own private label of niche fragrance... watch this space!  Recommendations that I make during consultations, are purely based on a client fragrance profile :) I also do fragrance/perfume gift shopping in London and can do so in the Middle East.  

Check out my website at www.shaneela.co.uk or you can email me on shaneela@shaneela.co.uk

Happy sniffing! :)

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