Monday, 3 October 2016

Arabian Oil: The most precious commodity in the world. But is it?

I know what you are thinking! No! I am not talking about the precious oil, from the oil rigs of the Arabian Gulf. But of course I am talking about the other precious Arabian oil: Oud. 

Going on from my previous Blog post about the battle between the east and west, I am going to talk about what particular oud based western niche fragrance houses have really hit the spot, in helping to bring the world to the attention of this other Arabian oil product. Over the last week or so, I have had the opportunity to really analyse some of these fantastic niches, some that have been available for some time – but because some are still only so exclusively available, they still are a big deal. And you’ll know why! Here are some specially selected fragrances: 

Cartier came out with the fantastic trio back in 2014 – still only exclusively available in Harrods of London. The trio are fragrances that are of course inspired by the orient, displayed in beautiful gold, tall, high standing flacons. The one that really stood out from all, was the Oud & Musc. It is an elegant concoction of heavenly woody notes and an excellent quality white musk. Both notes perform a performance together, almost exploring each other’s movements, reaching for the top, before it climaxes down to a very clean and dense musk. It offers great sillage and powerful lasting power on the skin.

Nasomatto, Black Afgano is an absolute gem. It reminded me of one of those little hidden secrets that you would find in the bazaars of Kabul - traded only to those who are in the exclusive circle of the warrior tribes, needing a quick ‘fix’ me up. This fragrance was created to have a similar effect as hashish. Yes, now you know what I mean about those Kabul Bazaars ;) but does it live up to its claim? This stuff is tantalising blissful goodness! I had never smelled anything like it before – similar yes, but not like this. It truly took me to another world filled with black incense sugar, coated in honey and smoke. But it is not smoky. This one really teases the senses, making you want to go back for more. Now, we know that is the hashish effect doing its job. The Amber tones here are literally to die for … literally dying to go back for some more, but did I smell a hint of coffee in there? Or was that another drug I was craving? Need to go back for some more…

Finally, the next best one has to be Kurkdijian’s oud satin mood. Its Turkish Rose caresses the ever so slightly woody oud, enough to draw out the sexy edge of the rose note, with delicious undertones of vanilla. This scent is reminiscent of the morning after the night before, with the starry desert sky. The rose opens up all powerful, whilst it completes its dance with the oud notes, settling down into the vanilla and rose remnants. A perfect fragrance for those hot summer nights.

Get your hands on these at Harrods, London and try out these excellent oudy gems…you will not be disappointed!

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