Monday, 24 October 2016

Kicking up a sandstorm in the desert! On being the official perfumer for a new brand bringing out a new affordable Luxury Arabian Fragrance Line: The Scented Souq!

So, its final!  Overhauling the fine fragrance niche markets of the UK at least, and filling the gap in the Arabian Luxury fine fragrance UK market, for affordable Arabian fragrance! A small upcoming UK brand, The Scented Souq will be launching a small new fragrance oil line!  And I will be behind designing the fragrances!!  These fragrance oils will appeal to those who love oud, as well as those who do not! 

The Scented Souq is a British based venture with an Arabian heritage, bringing very high quality Arabian fragrance oils to the UK fragrance market.  The difference here is, that they are hand blended fragrance oils, using the highest quality of ingredients that are reminiscent of bygone eras and times, conjuring up those nostalgic feelings – and most importantly, bringing fine perfume and niche fragrance all the way back to their roots!  The collection will appeal to all oud and non-oud lovers, with choices of non-oud based fragrance oils, bringing on the feeling of being in divine fragranced heaven! 

These fragrance oils will be a fantastic take on the high-end oud based fragrances – but at affordable prices and in time for the holiday season!  Feedback from my sample drive that I did last week was wonderfully successful – with the not officially released yet ‘The Sahara’ and released ‘The Scent of Heaven’ having excellent feedback from testers, but wait!  There is more to come, with at least three or four more delicious fragrance oils lined up! 

But the fun does not just stop at the fragrance oils!  There are also plans to have hand soap versions, as well as shower gel versions of the fragrance, making them fantastic gifts for the coming Christmas season!  And what better way to stir up the Christmas spirit than with Middle Eastern inspired fragrance oils?!  That’s the Christmas spirit right there! 

More information about the forthcoming fragrance attar oils and gift sets will be available shortly, but in the meantime, are you willing to be a tester and to receive some samples?  All we ask is that you pay postage and packing and samples can be sent to North America, UK, and mainland Europe.  Interested in some samples?  Email me with details of your favourite fragrances of ANY brand or house – and I will update you when the new samples are available :)  in the meantime – check out what is available NOW on The Scented Souq!

Watch this space!  And Happy Sniffing :)

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