Wednesday, 26 October 2016

You Are Unique! You are Special… And Your Perfume Thinks So Too! Is The Myth of How Your Body Chemistry Affects How Your Perfume Smells On Your Skin True?!

We have all been there and done that. Been in the heat of the moment, when we are dealing with extreme hot weather and even with the opposite – absolutely freezing cold weathers! Our body temperatures rise up and down, of course affected by not only the weather, but also by how your body copes with it! When we throw fragrance into the equation, we start to see the magic! And what a delicious magic that is! Well, that depends…

You have probably heard about how when perfumes are sprayed on your skin, what you smell is according to how it reacts with your body – but is there really any truth to that? Well, In fact… wait for it girls! If you tend to eat a higher fat diet, then fragrances on your skin will render a very powerful perfume experience, meaning that the notes will project powerfully, and possibly affect longevity on the skin! Well who knew? A great excuse to reach out for another doughnut or that chocolate bar… ;)

But its not just those of us who like a full fat latte that have the advantage of the very much welcome assault on our nose, it is also those with oily skin who get a lot of intensity from their perfumes, and possibly benefit from great longevity too. But surprisingly, although this may seem to be a good thing, in fact, this is not how fragrances are meant to perform. Fragrances are meant to be intimate and personal – an extension of our personalities and our individuality. Its our unwritten signature. And this is why, if Tom, Dick or Harry can smell that scent you sprayed on your arm at that perfume counter earlier on this afternoon, when they are standing at arms length from you – then you are either wearing your perfume incorrectly, or the fragrance is not adapting to your personal body chemistry. And also remember, that when trying out various different fragrances at that fragrance counter, there is no use in using those strips of paper those sales people like to ram down our throats, or even smell directly from the bottle! You will miss out on the whole essence of the fragrance and most importantly – how it smells on you. But remember that because of the confusion and the scented overload that you will be sending to your brain, during those exciting department store fragrance counter visits, spray no more than three different fragrances on your skin, otherwise any more than that and your brain will not be able to correctly process it.

But what about the favourite fragrance that you bought only a few months ago, and now it suddenly smells completely different? Well again, that’s all down to your body chemistry and the changes that your body has been through. Changed your diet recently? Decided to cut those carbs? Or are you more stressed? Strangely, even stress and anxiety can affect how your favourite perfume smells on your skin, because it’s all about the heart! Your heart reacts to stressful situations, and the pulse points of body, which are connected to your heart is what perfumes rely on, when interpreting the notes of the fragrance on your particular skin. Failing that, you could just kill two birds with one stone and just reach out for that chocolate bar… because not only will it help to relieve your stress, but it would also make you smell good! ;)

Happy Sniffing!