Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Real Authentic Oud: Gold Oud by Killian - An Oud Lovers Dream!

Dive into a sea of rich leathery Cambodian oud – swimming with the floating buds of rose floating above the calm sea water, whilst you dip your head into the heavy scent of long lasting oud, which I must add is probably a genuine and authentic oud. This piece of artwork does not consist of a whole bouquet of olfactory notes, as many niche brands do. But this oud-heaven, which it should be named as by oud enthusiasts, is something that they will not be disappointed in. Forget the harsh synthetic plasticy-dry ‘oud’ that we see coming from many niche brands. This is not another Dior Ispahan oud-rose combo, which honestly in my opinion is a very harsh and dry oud. This stuff is the real deal. And surprised? This stuff which was a Harrods exclusive but is now available at Selfridges, retailing at £320.00 for a 50ml bottle. For those in North America, I have found only ONE available at $474.99 plus shipping – so grab it while you can, here

The rose essence, in addition to the Turkish rose play very well together and although the rose and oud combos are such old news already, I must say that this is an exception! With the fact that it is targeted to the Middle Eastern markets and consumers embracing all that both Harrods and Selfridges must offer in terms of niche fragrances, it is without a doubt that some of the best quality and top notch ingredients were used here and tame a demanding market for excellence. The longevity of this is excellent – comparable to the longevity of the stingingly dry Dior Ispahan, and the silage? Well, mind blowing. This fragrance will turn heads! Many heads!

On opening, you have that wonderful stench of the authentic Oud Cambody – and I am back in the shopping Malls of Dubai again with the image of flowing black abayas and heavy sunglasses over the beaming sunlight. If anything, oud has created that association in many people’s heads and considering that this Killian oud is as original as it can get for a non-Middle Eastern fragrance house, that is quite something – easily passing the test with flying colours. And of course Middle Eastern consumers absolutely love the forthcoming gushing notes of rose that flows in the heart of scent, which is the role played here by the rose essence, before settling down into the delicious Turkish rose notes. This is a MUST try for all Oud lovers!

Happy Sniffing! :)

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