Saturday, 12 November 2016

The Middle Eastern Perfume Markets Are On A Roll!

Having discussed in a previous post, about how the Middle East will be replacing European perfume hubs, such as London and Paris when it comes to the world capitals of perfume, it begs the question, how well do these Arabian brands do on their home territory? So let’s take a deeper look at a couple of the brands which are certainly making their marks!

In 2015, the Middle East and North Africa region’s (MENA) fragrance market was worth US$5.2 billion in 2015 and during the same time, Saudi Arabian based fragrance house Abdul Samad Al-Qureshi, took a sales value share of 17% being very popular amongst local Saudi populations and those in the region. With outlets in the tourist-driven United Arab Emirates and other neighbours in the Arab region, Al-Qureshi’s products appeal to visitor’s who would like to take a piece of the Middle East back home with them. Apart from that of course, they are renowned with offering uniquely authentic and traditional fragrances – continuing with a traditional Arabian heritage. One of Al-Qureshi’s competitors, Arabian Oud, another perfume house also originally based out of Saudi Arabia took a total sales value share of 35% in 2015, showing a clear lead.  Then of course we have other players, such as Ajmal, Al Haramain and other which have taken up a portion of the remaining 52% market share.

One main appeal of Arabian Oud, is that it has become an

international leader in Arabian niche fragrances, with outlets in Paris and London and their market share is rapidly growing year on year, from 2014, when their market share value was 28%. Their appeal is the fact that they cater to those of various income-levels and with products that would appeal to a wider market and broader ranges in tastes. Products include the likes of Kalemat and Woody, which are very popular, for both eastern and western customers.

It is these fragrance houses that portray themselves and produce products which give that unique aura that Arabian fragrances are famous for. It’s no wonder that Arabian fragrances has made their permanent marks on the western fragrance markets. The Middle Eastern fragrance market, is certainly one to watch out for – especially for perfume connoisseurs!

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