Monday, 7 November 2016

Move Over Guys! Us Gals Are on A Roll! Women’s Niche Fragrances Are The Highest Performing Yet!

It’s not the end of the year already – so figures are not in yet, but estimated sales of women’s niche and fine fragrances are outperforming mass produced fragrances, according to reports. 

By the end of 2016, the estimated values of women’s niche and fine fragrances are said to be a whopping £727.8 Million, as compared to £76.70 Million estimated sales of mass produced fragrances.  Of course, this tells us one thing:  us women like unique, good quality fragrances, that are different and appealing at the same time.  But are we surprised?
In recent times, the trend in niche fragrances has been an all-time high with new emerging brands like The Scented Souq and other more established brands focusing on better quality perfume products.  The big brands, such as Dior and Chanel have branched out their offerings to include niche fragrances, but what do we mean when we talking about niche?  Well, of course we are not referring to houses like Roja Dove that can produce fragrances that are custom made for over £20,000 a shot, but we are talking about the link between the likes of the evergreen Chanel fragrances, like Coco Mademoiselle and those custom-made ones. 

These include the likes of Tom Ford private label ranges and the Amouages, priced in the hundreds of pounds as opposed to the hundreds of thousands of pounds.  Also, when talking about niche, we mean adjectives such as exclusivity, unique scents of rare and precious materials and the ability to smell different, and to not smell like anyone else.  This is the key.  The price tag helps to filter out those people for whom these qualities and others in a fragrance do not matter.  They are fragrance notes such as oud that has helped to shape the niche fragrance in the UK and the west in general – a note giving a fragrance that desired aura of uniqueness that niche wearers are craving for.  It’s not just any old musk.  We want cashmere musk, or Egyptian musk that smells like musk, but doesn't smell like the average Joe Blogs Musk.  Here, we come into specifics of ingredients and what qualities they carry, and the benefits of those quality, i.e. how they make us feel.  The likes of Creed have been very successful in creating juices that have this unique appeal and has been successful in creating an aura of exclusivity and the same can be said for the likes of Penhaligan’s and how could I forget one of my favourite’s, Maison Francis Kurkdijan?...

Happy Sniffing! ;)

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