Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Post Trump Slump - now lets sniff this!

So I guess congratulations are in order for those Americans who have voted in Donald Trump!  Love him or loathe him, this is an ushering in of a new phase in the history of American politics - undoubtedly affecting the rest of the world.  For those who are shocked (including non-Americans), upset or sad at his election - but chin up!  Because I have some good news, which I hope will cheer some of you up!  I have been approached by a contact at Christian Dior, who are looking for people to test and review some of their fragrance products - which you get to keep for free, if selected :)  Sweet! The fragrance in question, is Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming - so fancy a chance at some free Dior perfume?  Click HERE to be in with the chance to get your hands on some free perfume!

Happy Sniffing! :)      

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