Thursday, 22 December 2016

The Holiday Scent: The Scent of Nativity!

Well, it’s that time of year!  Everyone is getting in their last-minute Christmas shopping done, and the song of Christmas and Christmas Carols are serenading in the air! 

Someone asked me, what kind of fragrance one should wear during the Christmas holiday season?  Well!  There is only ONE answer for that!  On looking back at the traditional meaning behind Christmas, but most importantly for me (of course!) the frankincense, myrrh and gold story really inspires us, in regards to what the holiday seasons fragrance should be!  

Over the last few days, in my attempts to find the perfect fragrance, I searched through my wardrobe of oud’s and Orientals and came out with Dolce &Gabbana’s Lail Malaki (Royal Night), which is technically a male scent – but this fragrance is targeted to the Middle East market, and in the Middle East, the gender lines are either blurred or non-existent when it comes or oud or woodsy oriental scents!  This fragrance is a wonderfully heavy woody fragrance, with a mellow balsamic opening, going through the woody notes with backgrounds of musk.  You would think that there would be some oud in this, but no.  However, that did not translate to a disappointment for me.  It is a sophisticated fragrance, with class.

I kept rummaging through my collection, and I found an oud fragrance, Gucci Oud Intense.  A wonderful oud opening, with its harsh notes being drowned by the sweet wood.  Then the leather notes came into play and the dry down was sweet!  Too sweet… playing on my skin, jumping from one sweet note to another.  It was a warm sweetness, but too ‘icky’ for me.  

So, I cast my eyes towards my own creation – a creation that aims to rekindle the original and the traditional attar’s of Arabia.  Its not a spray like the other two, but in fact is a highly concentrated fragrance oil, of excellent quality.  It includes wonderful mellow scents of authentic oud.  Going back to basics, we have notes of roses, musk, sandalwood, saffron and of course ancient oud playing with each other – it’s The Scent of Heaven, and is a scent that actually would fit perfectly in the nativity scene.  Now this smelled like Christmas!  And I think that I have now found my scent for the holiday season.  The Scent of Heaven, is currently exclusively available at The Scented Souq.

Happy Holiday’s to all and I hope that the coming year is full of happiness and joy! :)


  1. A very Happy Christmas Shaneela and customer after Christmas !

  2. Angie - Thank you very much!! Seasons Greetings, and may you have a wonderful Christmas! :)