Friday, 6 January 2017

A Fresh New Year And Fresh New Start… With Some New Fragrances!

So, here we are struggling to keep up with those New Year’s resolutions, trying to find ways of discreetly disposing those unwanted Christmas presents (If any of them are perfumes – you know where to send them to! ;) ) BUT it’s the start of 2017!  Hurray!!!  May this be a fantabulous start to the new year!

So, what do we have planned, fragrance wise for this coming new year?  Well!  Where to start!  I will be working with The Scented Souq, to revamp the product range… bringing in affordable luxury fragrance oils, that are in line with many niche perfume houses.  The aim here, is simple!  To bring in luxurious affordable Arabian-inspired Attars which will include a mix of oud scents and non-oud scents, with the aim of pleasing every type of fragrance palette!  There will also be exclusive sets available, which will include lotions and soaps… so watch this space!  This will be a busy year!
But as a nice close to 2016, in December my interview with Islam Channel (in the UK) was aired on their 'up and coming talent' section, from a programme called ‘Step Up’, which is aimed at encouraging and motivating Muslim teenagers in the UK.  Here is the interview:

Apart from that, I will be focusing a lot of time on my writing!  If you enjoy travel, and history and more specifically ancient Egypt, then you may be interested in having a look at my latest book, which was published by Oriental Publishing before Christmas.  Available worldwide via Amazon, the short book is written in a form of poetic storytelling in line with the style of poetic Arabic language – the language of Egypt.   If you enjoy Sunday afternoons, reading poetic-style short stories, then this book is for you! 

So what are your plans for the New Year? Have a perfect one! :)


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