Sunday, 12 February 2017

Fancy Some Hashish? The Scented Souq - A Brand New Affordable Luxury Arabian Attar Fragrance Line

Well, well!  It’s been a long and hard start to this new year!  I have been absent from my Blog since the New Year’s period… BUT!  All is good!  I have been very busy, working with The Scented Souq, and their brand new fragrance line and website – which I must say is VERY exciting indeed!  I helped to design the fragrances and of course, my own niche blended fragrances which include Paradise (formally known as The Scent of Heaven), The Sahara and The Rose Garden are all available under the Niche Attars section of The Scented Souq revamped website. 

But what about the rest of the line?  Well, first and foremost, the aim of this line was to create attars that are not only in line with Arabian tradition, but also on par with the many niche fragrances of the big designer houses.  The aim is to offer affordable luxury fragrances.  You can expect the same quality and type of composition that you would expect from a £500.00 bottle of perfume, for better value.  So far, the best sellers have been Kashgar Silk, Attar of Shahrazad and Khyber Hashish… these are all wonderfully unique blends that encapsulate eastern culture, myths and legends into a bottle.  They are fragrances that really will take you to those places where those stories are told.  Khyber Hashish Has so far got top comments and remarks from those who have sampled… the wonderful marriage of green and earthy notes with the sweetish oud, and the notes of cannabis of course make this one utterly addictive!!  No surprise, is it?!  

The Attar of Shahrazad refers back to the solid Arabian
legends of the 1001 Nights, with the fragrance capturing the essence of Shahrazad – the wife of the Sultan who tells him nightly stories in order to save her life and escape his sword to her head the following morning.   Claiming back the position at the helm from the likes of Disney, The Attar of Shahrazad’s stories and legends gives us an authentic interpretation of the kind of oudy-rose, which filled the Persian air.  Khyber Hashish and Kashgar Silk, bring to life the rugged terrains of central Asia and in particular the ancient silk road routes, where the historical oasis city thrived in the trade of silks and other high-value commodities, including fragrance.  Kashgar Silk takes you back to the time where the air of central Asia, the Middle East and the Levant were punctuated by notes of precious oriental spices and frankincense, after the arrival of a hump load of camel from other parts of the orient!  Its smells like what you would expect the ancient air of China to smell like.  Khyber Hashish brings you forward in time and into the tribal Pashtun areas of the Khyber frontier regions – lawless rugged mountains, where your only solace is a of a cup of freshly brewed Pashtun green tea, and maybe a sneaky joint.  Except there is nothing sneaky about the hashish in this fragrance, or in the lawless land.  

The fragrance demonstrates the warrior strength of the Pashtun men, a fierce temperament, but with a
heart of gold portrayed in the almost sweet like dry down towards the oud-ambery base.  This fragrance is addictive – and why wouldn’t it be with those dirty green cannabis notes to flirt with?  With this Attar, you’ll be standing on top of those rugged mountains whilst watching out for your enemy combatant, with rifle in hand.  This is war -  whenever you feel like it.
Want to give these fragrances a whirl?  Well, in conjunction with The Scented Souq, I have a limited amount of samples to give away for FREE.  The Samples will include Khyber Hashish, Attar of Shahrazad, Kashgar Silk and Chenille Lotus.  They only ask that you pay shipping, which is at £3.95 for UK deliveries and £8.50 for international deliveries – BUT, you’ll also get an exclusive £5.00 off your next order of a full bottle of ANY Attar, from their website.  Find out more about the New Fragrance line, at

Payments towards shipping can be paid via paypal to:

HURRY!  There is only a limited number of samples available, and once stock runs out, any payments received will be refunded immediately!  Please remember to add a note stating your preferred fragrance for sample and to leave a review on The Scented Souq’s Facebook Page!

Enjoy and Happy Sniffing!



  1. How do we apply to get a sampke sent. I would like to try Khyber Hashish and Kashgar Silk.

    1. Hello, thanks for your comment. If you are n the UK, you will need to pay for shipping of £3.95 and choose one sample of either Khyber Hashish or Kashgar Silk. If you are outside the UK then the shipping charge is $8.50 (US Dollars) and can be sent via paypal to and the sample will be sent immediately :)

  2. I sent a paypal for a sample of Khyber Hashish.

  3. Hello Reza,
    Thank you for your comment. Can you please confirm which email address you sent it from? So that we can check it :) Thank you!

  4. Dearest Shaneela,

    Love your blog! I'm a huge fan!

    ATTAR OF SHAHRAZAD is a sensuous Middle Eastern fragrance that opens up with a glorious cloud of floral notes and later engulfs you with a soft woodiness of sandalwood & oud. A beautiful composition, making this fragrance provocative & powerful . This is the epitome of mystical Arabian Nights …
    BOIS DE CACHEMIRE reminds me of a delicate woollen cashmere scarf doused with gorgeous notes of musk & amber … a delicate scent that settles into a fabulous soft incense & oud. A glorious composition for those who enjoy the essences of Middle Eastern notes.

    Warm & Fragrant Regards,

    Wanda Z

  5. Im from Pakistan I want to buy Khyber hasish attar ... Can u tell me what is the coast of Khyber hasish with shipping ... Tell me total cost in Pakistani currency