Thursday, 23 February 2017

My Niche Attars: The Scented Souq

Back with a BANG!  Yes a HUGE bang. Been very busy with The Scented Souq’s new range of fragrances…. Which I must say are fantastic, but not only that, those who have tried them think so too!  We have had some fantastic reviews from those who have tried my own small range of selected fragrances, which I will discuss. 

My own blend of fragrances, which are exclusively only available at The Scented Souq, is a small line of niche Attars – geared towards different tastes.  There is the one that is very traditional and very Arabian and then there is the spicy fragrance, which is great for those who have a mid-range palette, when it comes to spicy scents and then we have rose.  Yes, the beloved Rose!  The Rose Garden has had some fantastic reviews, with people commenting on its potency and excellent longevity.  The idea behind The Rose Garden, was to simply create the feeling of nostalgia, going back to the roots of the dear rose, and bringing out its best qualities and what we all know to be the rose scent.  This scent has been described by some to be so potent, that the fragrance fills the room with roses… now there is no better compliment than that, is there?  Wink, wink!  And then we come to Paradise,
which was formally called The Scent of Heaven.  The reason for the change in the name, is because I am currently working on a different line of niche Arabian oils… and that name fits in with the theme of the new range.  But that’s all I can say for now!!!  So do expect to see The Scent of Heaven back again, but of course it will be a totally different fragrance.  More information on that exciting project will be released, when available! ;)  returning to Paradise, this scent, I admit will not be for everyone.  It is literally the scent that is reminiscent of ancient Arabia.  It is heavy, it is deep, it is nostalgic… if you let it be so.  This scent represents the real Attar… the wonderful blend of traditional Arabian Attar fragrance oils, to include musks, sandalwoods, ambers, dark musks, aged oud, saffrons and of course, Taif rose.  It is ancient, traditional Arabia in a bottle.  The heaviness and potency can be overwhelming for some…. But give it time!  The sweetness of it comes through and WOW!  What a wonderful sweetness it is, even if I do say so myself!

Coming to The Sahara, I have had some wonderful comments on it, appealing to those familiar with oud based scents and those who are not.  Every single time it was sampled it had nothing but rave reviews!  It’s a wonderful blend of spices, florals and earthy/woody notes… it truly is reminiscent of the Arabian desert!  Each note in this fragrance is pronounced and very potent, created to give excellent longevity, and certainly something unique.  Why not try one of these blends for yourself? Click here to see the range, available via The Scented Souq, and make sure you use promo code SCENTTEN to get 10% off, at the checkout!  International shipping is available!  But HURRY, because these offers will only be around for a limited amount of time!  But before I wind down, another piece of wonderful news that I would like to share with you all, is that not only is The Scented Souq’s new great range of fragrances listed on Fragrantica’s wonderfully resourceful database of fragrances, here, but so are my own niche blends!  Although the listings’ photography needs updating, you can find the listing for my blends here.  They are also listed on the renowned Basenotes fragrance database too!  Great news, right?!    

Please do enjoy these scents, and until next time, happy sniffing!   

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