Sunday, 12 March 2017

New London Fragrance Boutique - The Spirit of Dubai, By the House of Nabeel

The 2nd March 2017 marked a great development in the Arabian fragrance world!  Knightsbridge, London – arguably the retail and luxury heart and centre of Europe - had welcomed amongst its midst, a brand new fine fragrance boutique, ‘The Spirit of Dubai’.  This is a line created by the UAE based house of Nabeel perfumes, a house known for their excellent quality fragrances.

I have had a long love and association with this house, and their Spirit of Dubai collection is absolutely one that raises eyebrows!  On visiting their boutique, I of course spent lots of time trying their whole wonderful range.  I am not new to The Spirit of Dubai – I have been introduced to them in the past via their counter in the exclusive Salon de Parfum, located in Harrods and in Dubai itself.  The London boutique is located directly opposite the world-renowned Harrods.  One of their fragrances, which I had to get on my skin, today though, was Meydan.  The opening was actually very light and breezy, before drying down to the beautiful
concoction of a melody of spices with the sandalwood screaming for attention in the background! The cardamoms and Nutmegs, along with the cinnamons had performed beautifully and also what to me smelled like cloves, were really having a party on my wrist!  It’s a very unique scent… the sillage caught my attention every now and again, making me feel as special as I felt as if wrapped inside a spice infused pashmina, making it last longer and longer.  It had that effect on me.  It fits into the scene of cosmopolitan Dubai beautifully – with the freshness of it combined with the spicy mix, almost like the clash
of civilisations that politicians speak of – except that here, it is done beautifully and with acceptance.  The identity of Dubai really comes through with this wonderful fragrance…and really wants to make you jump onto the next Emirates flight – Dubai bound!

Enjoy, and Happy Sniffing!     

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